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As a Cornerstone student, I underwent transformative education that prioritized understanding over memorization. Aligned with the rigorous methods of the UK, it prepared me for a higher academic standard. This foundation proved invaluable at Ulster, making my journey profitable and adventurous. Proud to be a product of Cornerstone.
Berin Devadoss
Sounds too good to be true? Being a student at Cornerstone, I was trained, educated and built to live life at a higher standard, through a teaching style that helped me learn by understanding and not by memorizing. Modules and assignments at Cornerstone were on par with UK's methods if not more concentrated, and this helped me adapt to academics.
Mallika Vaddi
Had the best time at Kings Cornerstone International College. Excellent learning environment and college experience. The entire Faculty and Management are student oriented and are extremely helpful and supportive towards all the students. Able to achieve a truly great international education through the amazing transfer programme offered by the college!
Shannon Blanche Gomes
Cornerstone's the place! My two years as a computer student in 2020-2022 were the finest of my life. Cornerstone offers the most incredible environment for learning. The lecturers and staff helped me adjust to international education. In addition, the institution provides high-demand courses and study-abroad opportunities at top universities. Home is Cornerstone!
Sharon Santhosh
Kings cornerstone has guided me in developing my skills through assignment writing, collaboration, presentations, and hands-on learning from industry experts, all of which have contributed to my attainment of distinctions in my units. I've made the move to Sunderland University to pursue digital forensics and cybersecurity.
Dominic Boban
The coursework helped me comprehend the subjects, and the lectures were helpful. Class sizes are capped at 25 students to ensure that learners are actively engaged, unlike getting lost in the sea of faces in the enormous lecture hall. Thanks to the study skills I developed at KCIC, which helped to transition to my last year at UTS was a breeze.
Jaghadishan N. R
Two years after graduating from KCIC, I am writing this review with fond thoughts. First, thank my college for offering the UK opportunity. I chose my degree specialisation in year three and picked Mechatronics at Ulster University.This has been the best decision Ever.
Deepak Chowdary
I'm studying Aerospace engineering and transferring to RMIT University, Melbourne, under the two-nation study programme. Kings Cornerstone provided me with an ideal platform in engineering from industry-experienced teachers and mentors.
Ravi Teja
Cornerstone was my 2018–2020 school. The professors were cool and awesome, so we had fun for two years. It was exciting to complete several practical projects. Start here if you want to study abroad.
Rayyan Shariff

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