Kings Cornerstone International College


Scholarship Criteria

You might be eligible for a Future Leader Scholarship! These scholarships are available to deserving students who meet specific mark criteria.

12th Final Exam %
Scholarship Amount
95% and above
20% (₹240,000 for two years)
90% to 94%
15% (₹180,000 for two years)
80% to 89%
10% (₹120,000 for two years)

Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility:  To be considered, you must have paid your admission fees and demonstrate strong academic performance through your Class 12 marks.

Women in Engineering Scholarship: All female students applying for Engineering and Technology programs are automatically eligible for a 10% scholarship. One Scholarship per Student: You can only apply for one scholarship at a time.

Please note: These merit-based scholarships are awarded at the time of enrollment and there are no other scholarships available besides the Future Leader Scholarship and the Women in Engineering Scholarship. The scholarship will continue for the second year if the students maintain similar performance throughout the first year.

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