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Alumni of KCIC

Bhurhan Mamajiwala
A commerce student passionate about Automotive. Joined HND Automotive and converted his HND to a Bachelor degree at Coventry University, UK. He is the Sales & Procurement Executive at Somic Ishikawa Inc. in Shizuoka, Japan.
Anukriti Saraswat
Studied two years of HND Business and moved to the UK to complete her final year Bachelor's at the University of Sunderland. She is now the Assistant Operations Manager at NHS in England, UK.
Nathanael Noronha
Studied two years HND Automotive, transferred to the University of Hertfordshire to complete his final two years, and is now a Manufacturing Engineering at Nissan Motors, UK.
Visahl Samson
Studied two years HND Computing and transferred to Edith Cowan University, Singapore Campus to complete his final year Bachelor's and he is now the Chief Technology Officer at NodesPay, Singapore.
Pavitra Anu
Studied two years HND Electronics and transferred to Portsmouth to complete her B.E. (Hons) final two years, further studied Masters in Bristol and is now an Edison Engineer at G.E. Aviation, UK
Shreeja Manikyam
Studied two years HND Computing and transferred to RMIT to complete her final year Bachelor in Information Technology, and she is now the Product Designer at Macquarie Group in Sydney.

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