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U.K 2+1 Programs Start in Chennai

Course Fee starts from 27 lacs

Global Recognition: Heriot-Watt University Outranks IIT Madras in QS Rankings

Ranked within the top 20 UK universities for Engineering excellence.Heriot-Watt University secures a position within the top 50 universities in the United Kingdom.

Global Futures: Heriot Watt & Kings Cornerstone International College International Transfer Program

Our unique program empowers students to tailor their degrees and choose prestigious universities after two years at KCIC. With a compulsory final year abroad and exclusive two-year post-study work visa, opportunities abound. Enjoy lucrative starting salaries averaging 29 lacs, a perk unavailable at Indian universities, and rest assured with our unmatched 100% visa success rates. Your journey to success begins here.



Heriot-Watt University stands as a venerable institution with a legacy of academic distinction. With campuses spanning the globe, from Edinburgh to Dubai and Malaysia, The university is ranked in the top 20 UK universities for Engineering Ranked in the top 200 universities worldwide (176-200) for Engineering.where an impressive 95% of students secure employment or pursue further studies within six months of graduation.Enroll in KCIC's vibrant community, where students consistently excel and secure placements, paving the way for a successful future through heriot watt university.

About the Collaboration

Heriot-Watt University joins forces with King's Cornerstone International College (KCIC) in a transformative collaboration.where top notch programs in Engineering, computing await .With a 100% acceptance rate post-completion of two years at KCIC, students transition effortlessly to Heriot Watt .aligned in vision of preparing students for global success, this collaboration represents a unique opportunity for aspiring learners to benefit from a comprehensive and internationally recognized education.


BACHELOR’S IN COMPUTING BSc (Hons) Computer Science

MASTERS IN ENGINEERING MEng Civil Engineering [Integrated], MEng Structural Engineering [Integrated], MEng Architectural Engineering [Integrated]

BACHELOR’S(Hons) IN ENGINEERING, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Architectural Engineering 6 Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, BSc Quantity Surveying, BSc Construction Project Management


Life on Heriot-Watt University's campus is a vibrant tapestry of academic excellence, cultural diversity, and personal growth. Nestled within the landscapes of Edinburgh, Dubai, and Malaysia, each campus offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities. The academic environment is complemented by a rich calendar of events, from engaging lectures and research opportunities to lively student societies and cultural festivals. With state-of-the-art facilities, sports amenities, and a bustling student community, every day on campus becomes an opportunity for exploration and connection. Whether participating in dynamic classes, collaborating on projects, or enjoying the scenic surroundings, life on Heriot-Watt's campus is a holistic experience that shapes not only academic success but also fosters a sense of belonging and personal development.

Our pathway

Start Locally, Graduate Globally!


KCIC students get substantial savings of up to 50 lacs on tuition fees compared to studying a full degree directly at Heriot Watt University.

Pay only 20% of the standard International fee for the first two years

KCIC waives the IELTS requirements for students and ensures a 100% acceptance rate post-completion of two years of study, facilitating a smooth transition to Heriot Watt University.

One stop for your international bank loan, visas and final year study abroad process

Heriot watt awards a degree upon completion of the program in Edinburgh/Malaysia/Dubai.


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