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Diploma in Arts & Design

Start Date: 19/08/24
Last Date to Apply: 30/04/24

Diploma in Arts & Design

Key Benefits of the program

Alternative to A levels, recognised by Universities & Colleges Abroad.

100% practical & Applied learning

Seamless entry to Bachelor Degree

Guaranteed entry to university in USA,through KCIC pathway 2+2


BTECs enable a learner-centred approach to education, with a flexible, unit-based structure and knowledge applied to project-based assessments. BTECs focus on the holistic development of the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills required to be successful in employment and higher education.

Study Final Year in a Top University

Stage 1

Complete 2 yrs Diploma (3)

Progress to Level 4/5

Start Bachelors pathway at KCIC

Study Abroad

Transfer final year to Abroad


  •  Programming
  • Maths for Computing 
  •  Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Discrete Maths
  • Architecture
  • Applied Programming and Design principles
  • Networking
  • Database Design & Development 
  • Professional Practice
  • Security 
  • Planning a Computing Project
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Computing Research Project
  • Business Process Support
  • Application Development
  • User Experience and Interface Design
  • Principles of Photography
  • Contextual Studies
  • Cell Biology
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry

Major Requirements 

  • Data Structures and Algorithmic Analysis 2
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Java Programming and web web Development 
  • Operating Systems
  • Concepts of Programming Languages 
  • Software Engineering
  • Discrete Math 2 : Structures and Algorithms

Degree Requirements

  • Composition 1
  • Composition 2 
  • Inquiry into Ethics and Justice
  • Religious Studies 
  • Literature 
  • Social and political Analysis
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences

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