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Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but only a few find their calling. Meet Santhosh, one among the lucky few who found his. Having completed his high school with a computer science major from a matriculation board, he went on to pursue his bachelor’s in the same stream from a reputed Indian engineering college. When the future of his career didn’t have any prospective foundation, he started looking for an international education twinning programs in the UK.

Bound by the constraints of his economic situation, he was unable to pursue his dreams. His financial circumstances dimmed his chances of covering his tuition and living expenses abroad. This is when he found out about Cornerstone’s UK programs with the final year study and graduation abroad module. This was in line with his budget and allowed him to complete the UK education with a 70% cost reduction than a regular migrate and study abroad program. After two years of studying in Cornerstone, Santhosh went on to complete his final year with the University of Sunderland, UK. He also worked part-time in The Royal Mail to cover his living expenses during his study tenure.

With a globally accredited degree, he returned to India after graduation to work with Perptuuiti Technosoft, Chennai as a Network & System engineer. After six months, he applied for an Australian work visa using his recognized graduate stream based on Kings Cornerstone International and University of Sunderland qualifications. Santhosh is now all set and will be heading to Sydney on 28th November to work and settle in Australia. He visited Cornerstone recently and mentioned ‘God bless Cornerstone’ in a tone of complete gratitude. He vouched to start an alumni association to bring all passed out students together to support the incoming Cornerstone students. He also advised the future counterparts of Cornerstone to make a smart career choice without spending a fortune on education.

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