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Berin Devadoss

Bachelor of Computer Science

When my 12th score was a limitation in getting an admission in Indian University, due to my inability to memorise, at a school learning that came with an emphasis on remembering rather than an understanding of the subject, but acceptance at Cornerstone, one of the best international college, was destiny to success. The teaching methodology designed by Pearson and taught at Cornerstone was real-world training and helped me to learn with ease. Learning by doing and real-world problems simulated in the classroom helped me understand the subject.

The two years of study at Cornerstone equipped me for direct lateral entry on to a Bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of Ulster in Belfast, United Kingdom. Moving to Belfast was a big decision and daunting, but our class moved as a group to the UK, the settlement process was also as smooth as our academic transfer. The system we follow at the University of Ulster is just the same as how we studied at Cornerstone. Also, study abroad came to 50% lesser than studying directly at Ulster University

I would not hesitate to recommend Cornerstone to anyone for its excellence in International education in India.