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Frequently asked question

To enrol in our program, you must have completed 17 years of age and have a minimum of 60% (CBSE board), 60% (State Board), or Grade B (IB, IGCSE) in English. At KCIC, you can easily switch career paths, regardless of your previous academic stream. So whether you start in Business and want to switch to Engineering or Health Science, our flexible learning options are perfect for the modern student. Be sure to take a closer look at the course page to know the entry requirements for each course.

Our courses have proven highly effective in preparing students for careers in the U.K. and Australia. We carefully select our courses to tackle the current job shortage, ensuring that our students have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. In addition, our university partners provide exceptional placement support to our students, and we are proud to collaborate with prestigious universities that have a high ranking on the Q.S. Graduate Employability Ranking.

Our esteemed partners, RMIT and UTS, have outperformed even the highly regarded IITs on the prestigious QS league table. UTS ranks above all IITs, while RMIT surpasses IIT (Madras) and most other IITs, trailing only IIT (Mumbai) and IIT (Delhi). For further details, please consult the QS University’s world ranking and QS graduate employability table.

The Indian government has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the governments of the United Kingdom and Australia to acknowledge qualifications. For further information, please visit the GOV.UK and and the same notification can be found in Indian prime minister office websites.

At our International office, we assist in your international university transfer, visa, and guidance on education loans. Additionally, we can help you find scholarships through our partner universities to support your academic journey.

Employment opportunities are very high in developed countries, RMIT ranks the top 87th in the world for employability leading all IIT and private institutes in India. The placement percentages have always been above 97.8% success. Eventually, education must lead to employment. We have been consistently delivering high results for the last five years. Check out our Success Story – Kings Cornerstone International College.

Other areas to look:

  • Permanent residency
  • International work experience
  • Globally recognised degrees
  • High salaries compared to Indian wages
    -Better lifestyle
  • Rewarding career

Yes, we follow similar teaching methodologies followed in RMIT. You will learn by engaging in the direct application of skills, theories and models. The new RQF (regulated qualification framework) and WIL (work integrated learning) from July 2019 will happen outside the traditional classroom experience and embedded as part of a course.

Yes, you will get the same rights as other students studying directly from year one. You will also get a post-study work visa up to 24 months upon completion of your degree abroad to find permanent employment.

Our trainers are industry professionals trained by UK Pearson and adhere to the U.K.’s Ofqual policy. We also have guest lecturers from Australia and the U.K. visiting us every semester.

Many students aspire to pursue a long-term career in their chosen field. The potential for high returns on investment is more significant if you opt to work in cities like Melbourne, London, Toronto, and Dublin, compared to the salaries offered in India. We assist in finding job placements with multinational companies, many of which value international qualifications. These companies include AWS, Google, Modin, Microsoft, Accenture, Uber, TCS, and Perpetuiti.

The partner university and the awarding bodies from the UK and Australia award qualifications, KCIC is only the authorised institution to deliver the programme as per the British quality standards.

KCIC is a British-regulated Institution and follows the policies and procedures set out by the awarding bodies regulated by Ofqual, UK. The Indian government recognises UK qualifications under the Mutual Recognition of Qualification; the NIRF does not rank us. However, you can check our partner university rankings on the world ranking, such as QS University world ranks.

KCIC & the University have mutual articulation agreements to deliver the agreed modules/course at KCIC before transferring to the partner universities. To be eligible for final year transfer, students must complete the modules/subjects equal to the university year one and two credits/modules at KCIC. The student will receive the degree from participating universities in Australia, the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Our efficient team will handle all your admission, visas, and accommodation and help you connect to the right financial institution/bank that provides study abroad loans. Loans are approved if the parents or guarantor have good credit standing.

We have provisions to assist our students in completing the course in India through recognised Indian universities in Delhi and Chandigarh. But our focus is to help you study and work abroad and earn 10x salaries abroad.

Post-study work (PSW) visa that allows eligible (successful graduates) to work up to two years after graduation. This visa is issued to all international students. More information can be found on the respective immigration website.

We partner with the world’s top 75 QS-ranking universities for employability, such as RMIT and UTS. Both these institutions rank higher than IITs, providing excellent career opportunities. In addition, our students work with top companies – you may check Kings Cornerstone alumni on the LinkedIn platform.

Salary differs from country to country, and each country has a minimum wage for graduates. Please refer to payscale, Glassdoor UK, or Australia to know the minimum salaries. Our students earn an average salary of Rs 29 lacs/annum within six months of graduation.