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Delegation from ulster university, northern ireland to kings cornerstone international college, chennai, on 25th of february 2019.

On Monday the 25th of February 2019 the sun rose to usher in a new Chapter in the annals of Kings Cornerstone International College! Officials from Ulster University, Northern Ireland, set foot on our soil to scout for avenues of co-operation between the two reputed Institutions of Higher Education. Mr Selwyn Noel David, Regional Representative – South Asia, lead the team from Ulster, consisting of Professor Jackie McCoy, Associate Dean – Global Engagement and Ms Lesley Hraskova, Regional Manager, Global Recruitment & Engagement.

At the discussion table, our exchange of views leads to a mutual understanding’s pursuit of excellence in education. Ulster Officials were impressed by the background information of KCIC provided by Mr John Christopher, CEO/MD, Kings Cornerstone International College. Ms Abenaya, Center Manager and Head of the Department of Business, highlighted the academic inputs delivered to our students; Mr Balachandrasekhar, Academic Head and Dr Samuel Sukumar, Provost, were also present during the discussions.

The following points were discussed:

  1. A joint venture of starting Business and Journalism courses;
  2. Staff and student exchange programs;
  3. Memorandum of Understanding between the two Institutions.

The three members witnessed a Guest Lecture in progress, by Mr Peter Raj Kapoor, Ex-Vice President, American Express, who was addressing the students of our College on the topics “Situational Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Continuous Professional Development”. Observing the quality of the lecture and powerpoint slides used, Professor Jackie McCoy commented, “The students are receiving the best of information which is current and of Harvard standard”.

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