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Type: UG

Bachelor of Science in
Information Technology
(Data Analytics)

Information Technology, UTS, Data Analytics, Bachelors, Computing, Australia

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

university, beng, ai, computing, robotics, robot, csc, ug, be, Hertfordshire, Electronic Principles, Applied Mechanics Design, Drawing, Practical Skills, Engineering Mathematics, Manufacturing, Materials, Energy, Conversion, Digital Electronics, Maths for Robotics, Robot Design, and, Build Project, A, Programming, Professional Engineering, Digital Computing, Embedded Systems Design, Operating Systems, for Applications, Behavioural, Robotics, Applied Robotics, and, AI Project, Robot Sensors, and, Signal Processing, Mechatronics, Machine Learning, 3D Vision, Industrial Robotics, Robot Communications, Mobile Robots, and, Drones, Visual, and, Spoken, Interfaces

Master of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (Integrated)

Engineering, Mechanical, Masters, Masters in Mechanical, MEng, Mechanical Engineering, RMIT, Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, Melbourne, Master of Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Integrated)

Master of Engineering
International Automotive Engineering (Integrated)

ug, rmit, motorsport, machines, bike, car, racing, beng, be, pg, Engineering Mathematics, Digital Fundamentals, Engineering Science, Professional Engineering Practice, Creative Engineering CAD, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Fluid Mechanics of Mechanical Systems, Engineering Dynamics, Mechatronics Principles, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers, Applied Thermodynamics, Mechanical Design, Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Vibrations, Thermal-Fluid System Design, Heat Transfer, Vehicle Noise and Vibration, Mechanics of Machines, Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Capstone, Engineering and Enterprise, Vehicle Handling and Control, Management of Vehicle Design, Vehicle Power Systems, Management of Automotive Manufacturing Engineering, Computational Engineering for Automobile Applications, Automotive Systems and Control, Advanced CAE for Automotive Applications, Research Methods in Engineering, Advanced Vehicle Dynamics,

Master of Engineering
Aerospace (Integrated)

beng, be, ae, space, technology, aero, pilot, studies, ug, rmit, pg, Engineering Mathematics, Aircraft, Digital Fundamentals, Engineering Science, Professional Engineering Practice, Creative Engineering CAD, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Flight Mechanics, Dynamics, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, System Engineering, Principles of Aerodynamics, Advanced Mathematics for Engineers, Mechanics and Materials, Applied Thermodynamics, Aerospace Dynamics and Control, Aerospace Propulsion, Aerospace Structures, Aerospace Design Principles, Aerospace Finite Element Methods, Engineering Capstone, Aerospace Design Project, Advanced Aerospace Structures, Advanced aerodynamics, Aircraft & Air Transportation, Thermofluids and Propulsion Systems, Research Methods in Engineering, Aerospace Design and Optimisation, Avionics and ATM Systems

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

ulster, ug, journalism, travel, tourism, barts, ba, Media, Culture, Politics, Key Concepts in Media Theory, Public Affairs for Journalists, Audio Journalism, Multi-platform Journalism, Media Law and Regulation, Advanced Audio Journalism, Placement and Work Based Learning, Audio/Visual Journalism, Journalism Major Project, Journalism Dissertation, Investigative Journalism, Journalism Research in a Global Context

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computing Science

bsc, ulster, ug, computer, machines, it, information, technology, bca, Programming, Interactive Web Authoring, Systems Software, Computer Technology, Computer Networks, Professional Development, Systems Security, Mathematics for Computing, Web, Application, Development, Software Development, Algorithms & Data Structures, Full-Stack Strategies and Development, Cloud Native Development

Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Travel & Tourism Management

bsc, ulster, ug, journalism, hotel, abroad, explore, hospitality, Contemporary Tourism, Global Travel Destinations, Food Tourism, Festivals, Events, Media, Creativity, Management in Action, Leisure, People Management, Accounting Studies, Business Research Methods, Transportation Operations in Tourism, Landscape Change and Tourism, Contemporary Marketing Practice, Tourism Planning, Development and Management, eBusiness Strategy, Creating Visitor Experiences, Issues

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
International Hospitality Management

Ulster University, United Kingdom, Hospitality Management, Management, Hospitality, Bachelors, Business

Bachelor of Science
Business Studies (Enterprise)

accounts, finance, ug, bsc, ulster, university, bcom, bba, Financial Awareness, Marketing Fundamentals of Management, Brands and Branding, Marketing, Communications, Principles of Marketing, Academic and Professional Skills, Consumer, Behaviour, Entrepreneurial, Business, Venturing, Marketing, Management, in ,Practice Creativity, in ,Communications, Sales, and, Events, Marketing, Digital, Analytics, Skills, Diploma in International Academic, Studies, Professional, Practice, The Digital and Marketing, Nexus, Strategic, Management, Global Marketing, Marketing, Consultancy, Corporate, Branding, Retail Marketing, Agri-Food, Marketing Services, Marketing Entrepreneurial, Marketing Leadership