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Type: PG

Masters in International Business (MSc)

Business Administration, International Business, Ulster University, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, London, Masters, Business

Master of Arts (Marketing Management)

marketing, management, masters, ma, Germany

Master of Science (Computer Science)

computer science, MSc, Germany, iubh, iu

Master of Science (Artificial Intelligence)

artificial intelligence, ai, MSc, Industry 4.0

Master of Science (Cybersecurity)

cybersecurity, cyber, Germany, masters

Master of Science (Data Science)

Data Science, Germany, Master

Masters in International Business Management (MSc)

Business Administration, International Business, Sunderland University, United Kingdom, Sunderland, London, Masters, Business

Master of Business Administration

MBA, Master of Business Administration, Business, Business Administration, Sunderland, Sunderland University, Masters,

Master of Science in
Data Science

Ulster University, Masters, Data Science, Masters in Data Science, Computing, UK, Belfast, Londonderry

Master of Science

msc, bsc, pg, university, of, sunderland, computing, computer, coding, safety, police, masters, Technology Management for Organisations, Cyber Resilience, Incident Response, User Experience Design