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Surya Prahasith

We grow up. So do our expectations. Maybe that was one reason for adulthood fairy tales. Holding conjectures of college life is common, and I was no stranger. KCIC smashed all my expectations of college life – and that was the best, for what followed. With a small community, it was splendid! We see each other, we know each other and it lasts. Maybe it takes time or it doesn’t, but last – it will. Communication was no barrier and the campus offered a pulsating vibe. Along with the mentors, students, and the non-teaching staff, no divide offered a compromise to an amazing culture and activity. The mentors keep you engaged – academically and otherwise, giving warm regard that one would never think of losing. A good sense of satisfaction was felt when you learn a syllabus, which breeds application. Academics constitutes content on a global level, familiarising your instincts with those closely represented by employers everywhere. What made this special was that learning came outside the lecture halls and books were mere references. When I look back on my journey down the line, KCIC is not a place that I would regret, but an experience that would instill a cheery feeling of euphoria and peace. “We forget Years, but remember Moments” – Cheers to the place that has given us many moments to remember!!

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