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Location: Chennai & London, UK

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

university, beng, ai, computing, robotics, robot, csc, ug, be, Hertfordshire, Electronic Principles, Applied Mechanics Design, Drawing, Practical Skills, Engineering Mathematics, Manufacturing, Materials, Energy, Conversion, Digital Electronics, Maths for Robotics, Robot Design, and, Build Project, A, Programming, Professional Engineering, Digital Computing, Embedded Systems Design, Operating Systems, for Applications, Behavioural, Robotics, Applied Robotics, and, AI Project, Robot Sensors, and, Signal Processing, Mechatronics, Machine Learning, 3D Vision, Industrial Robotics, Robot Communications, Mobile Robots, and, Drones, Visual, and, Spoken, Interfaces

Bachelor of Engineering
(Hons) Automotive Engineering with Motorsport

be, beng, automatic, motorsport, car, bike, racing, ug, university, of, Hertfordshire

Bachelor of Engineering
(Hons) Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies

university, of, Hertfordshire, aeronautical, space, beng, be, ug,

Bachelor of Engineering
(Hons) Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology

pilot, space, aeronautical, ug, university, of, Hertfordshire, beng, be, studies,