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Category: Business School

Masters in International Business (MSc)

Business Administration, International Business, Ulster University, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, London, Masters, Business

Bachelor of Arts (International Management)

international, management, Germany, BA

Master of Arts (Marketing Management)

marketing, management, masters, ma, Germany

Bachelor of Science (Business and IT)

business, it, Germany, bsc

Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration)

business, arts, Germany, business administration, BBA

Bachelor of Arts (Entrepreneurship)

entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, bachelor, Germany

Masters in International Business Management (MSc)

Business Administration, International Business, Sunderland University, United Kingdom, Sunderland, London, Masters, Business

Master of Business Administration

MBA, Master of Business Administration, Business, Business Administration, Sunderland, Sunderland University, Masters,

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
International Hospitality Management

Ulster University, United Kingdom, Hospitality Management, Management, Hospitality, Bachelors, Business

Bachelor of Science
Business Studies (Enterprise)

accounts, finance, ug, bsc, ulster, university, bcom, bba, Financial Awareness, Marketing Fundamentals of Management, Brands and Branding, Marketing, Communications, Principles of Marketing, Academic and Professional Skills, Consumer, Behaviour, Entrepreneurial, Business, Venturing, Marketing, Management, in ,Practice Creativity, in ,Communications, Sales, and, Events, Marketing, Digital, Analytics, Skills, Diploma in International Academic, Studies, Professional, Practice, The Digital and Marketing, Nexus, Strategic, Management, Global Marketing, Marketing, Consultancy, Corporate, Branding, Retail Marketing, Agri-Food, Marketing Services, Marketing Entrepreneurial, Marketing Leadership