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Master of Arts (Marketing Management)

marketing, management, masters, ma, Germany

Entry Criteria 65% KCAT Entrance
Duration 2 Year
Location Chennai & Germany
Fees per semester ₹1,37,500 + taxes
Next intake September 2022
Your Future Campus

Your Journey!


KCIC (First year)

Year 1 – 60 ECTS – Chennai Campus
KCIC, India

IU (Final year)

Year 2 – 60 ECTS – Bad Honnef / Berlin Campus
M.A (Marketing Management)

Academic Intakes

Online – Anytime
On-campus – up to 4 intakes per year

Post-Study Work in Germany

18 months PSW Visa
EU Blue Card

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Your Journey!

After UTS, we also provide two year work visa.


Programme Overview

Experts with sound marketing and sales knowledge are sought after almost everywhere. From exciting start-ups to large corporate leaders, a master’s in marketing management from KCIC & IU will help you find your path to a successful career, driving marketing activities for all kinds of companies. Studying this course gives students the experience of the breadth and depth of the sector that will prepare them for employment, progression within employment or further study.

Managers in the fields of marketing and sales are faced with increasingly complex and interactive responsibilities. Your future fields of employment after graduating with this Master’s program include initial management positions in the areas of marketing and/or sales – in agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, large international corporations, or NGOs.

Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university, or gained work experience? At IU International University of Applied Sciences, you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognized, completely free of charge. By doing so, you can save valuable time and reduce tuition fees.

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What you will study

Managers in Marketing and Sales are faced with an increasingly complex and dynamic range of tasks. The modules in this course develop skills for heading sales departments and entering the creative world of branding. KCIC & IU Master’s in Marketing Management online provides you with the foundation for a successful career in both large and small companies across the world.


Your syllabus, outlines all the essential information of this course, including topics you will study and related reading materials. This will help you understand how you will be graded, understand assignments, and stay organised.


Industry Focused Program

industry connection

Industry Connections

professional recognition

Professional Recognition




You will have an Internationally recognized, European degree in Marketing Management, with skills that are required for the current industry.

Virtually every company sells some sort of product or service, meaning the career prospects are excellent. Experts with sound knowledge in marketing and sales are sought-after almost everywhere. From exciting start-ups to large corporate leaders, a Master’s in Marketing Management from KCIC & IU will help you on your path to a successful career, driving marketing activities for a wide array of companies.`

State Recognised – You can be assured of program and teaching quality with this accreditation.
Institutionally Accredited – Reaccredited for five years for meeting the German Accreditation Council’s standards.
System Accredited – IU is trusted to accredit new programs, meeting stringent quality standards.

IU International is accredited and certified with a seal of approval from the German Accreditation Council. All IU study programmes, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

IU got top marks from university rating platform QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) for services, technology and commitment to online learning. What’s more is we were the first German university to get 99 out of 100 points on the QS Stars Report.
In the current edition of Germany’s largest study ranking, IU won 6 out of 25 categories in the field of business administration. More than any of 300+ institutions assessed.
We have won multiple awards for our innovative courses, as well as our anytime online examination system. These awards include the 2019 Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award, and the 2017 Best of IT Innovation Award by Initiative Mittelstand (SME).

We provide you with innovative learning tools, digital study material, tutorial videos, student advice and support, and forums to exchange with other students. You also have full access to our large online library. Tutors are always available to answer your questions.

The course is aligned with the internship/apprenticeship framework from year two, learners must collaborate with the industry to align with occupational standards to improve KSBs (Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour). The industry is at the heart of KCIC & IU’s qualifications. Co-designed with industry, students, and education experts, KCIC & IU’s M.A (Marketing Management) provides a real-world experience as well as academic knowledge. Marketing has applications in almost every industry sector, hence the abundance of opportunities is massive. Graduates from the course will be well placed to progress into a career across a range of industrial settings in these sectors.

Throughout qualification development and validation, working with industry experts helps to structure our qualifications to meet industry standards. This ensures that students leave with the required expertise and employability skills as identified by business and industry, and with the flexibility to go straight into employment or to continue to a degree.

iuBH Degree

This is an IU International University of Applied Sciences Degree, delivered in partnership with King’s Cornerstone International College (KCIC). IU is accredited and certified by the German Accreditation Council. The graduating student is conferred with an M.A in Marketing Management.

All IU study programs, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated. Moreover, IU provides an official Europass Diploma Supplement once a student graduates, to ensure that the degree is recognized across the world.

In the current edition of Germany’s largest study ranking, IU won 6 out of 25 categories in the field of business administration. More than any of the 300+ institutions assessed.IU has won multiple awards for our innovative courses, as well as our anytime online examination system. These awards include the 2019 Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award, and 2017 Best of IT Innovation Award by Initiative Mittelstand (SME).


ATHE Award

This is a university-packaged program with an ATHE Award. Learners can complete 90 credits awarded during the first year, prior to transferring to iuBH to complete the remaining modules. The ATHE qualification integrates industry accreditations through the British Computing Society (BCS) and the Institute of Science and Technology (IST).

Using this certificate learners may apply for part-time work in the UK while studying. Under the current revisions from the UK Government, students are eligible to work up to 20 hrs/per week while studying and full time during semester breaks.

This is an optional preference. If students intend to pursue this qualification with their IU degree, registration and academic costs would be incurred. For more information, please contact us via [email protected]


Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries.

  • 16+ Real-world Case study
  • Practical & Assignment based assessments
  • Work-integrated learning with Industry partners
  • First two years of the program are designed and developed by ATHE, UK
  • Get mentored by Industry professionals

A Large Hospital Project In Middle East – Neilsoft

Neilsoft provided MEP Engineering and BIM services for a large hospital project, for one of the oldest and largest Health Planners in the world, operating from Australasia to West Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The 100 bed, state of the art hospital measuring 44,000 sq. m. in built-up area (located in the Middle East), is a Premier Private Specialty Hospital for Woman and Children.


Accounting & Economics

This case study primarily helps in understanding the estimation/calculation of money supply in an economy. This case also helps in analysing the determinants of money supply and the interrelations between those determinants, apart from understanding various theories relating to money demand and supply along with theories on monetary policies. In economics, money is a broad term that refers to any financial instrument that can fulfil the functions of money – a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a standard of deferred payment, and a store of value. Money supply is usually measured as three escalating categories: M1 (most liquid financial instruments), M2 (equals to M1 + and savings account deposits), and M3 (M2 plus time deposits). It helps in understanding the theories relating to supply for and demand of money in the light of changes in money supply in India in the period 1990 to 2008. The case also helps in analysing income velocity of money with the data provided.



Airbnb started out in 2008 when founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia realised they could make a quick buck by renting out an air mattress in their living room to people visiting San Francisco for a big conference. The idea then evolved into a website where others could do the same, and travellers could get a cheaper option than a hotel. After their first guests, Airbnb’s founders realized they were on to something bigger than a stopgap for rent. They faced rejection plenty of times – and created their own version of Obama O’s cereal – but the three founders of Airbnb have built a big business in the past nine years.


Case Study – Burj Al Arab

The building is built on sand, which is unusual as most tall buildings are founded on rock. The Burj al Arab is supported on 250, 1.5M diameter columns that go 45 meters under the sea. As there is only sand to hold the building up the columns rely on friction.

The KCIC Advantage

University Packaged | Credit Transfer Programs

Eligibility Requirement

  • Bachelors degree

Preferred Bachelor’s field of study in Business; Economics; Business Informatics; or any Business-related field.

Other Bachelor’s disciplines are considered too.

CGPA of 6.5 or above, out of 10. If CGPA point scales are different, 65% and above.


  • Clear the KCAT – King’s Cornerstone Aptitude Test

The KCAT is our premier standardized test and is required by students seeking admission into our Undergraduate courses*. The test is an online-based proctored exam that assesses your skills in common topics encountered during your senior year (Grade 11 & 12) of school.

*Exemptions are available for students who have cleared the SAT exam. However, this is on a case-by-case basis. To assess your eligibility for exemption, Apply Now immediately!

What's Included in the Fees

  • Study and acquire 60 ECTS points for credit with KCIC
  • Access to e-learning modules, and IU student access portals
  • Transfer paperwork & Assistance Visa & housing support Bank loan guidance & assistance Exam fees
  • eBooks & Studio charges Portal access to LMS Software access


Very content with my learning at KCIC, learning two years of my international program here has reduced the cost of study abroad by 60%, and I am excited about my international career.

Student Avatar Anish

KCIC offers a different learning environment, unconventional educational methods, with opportunities combined with industrial visits, workshops, and other things, to compete at international level.

Student Avatar Annie

I was studying Aeronautical in a traditional college, hearing Cornerstone I shifted from Bangalore and joined here. The foundation year started with direct aerospace units, unlike other colleges.

Student Avatar Joshua Ravi

Frequently Asked Questions

RMIT universities ranks top in employability. RMIT ranks 87th in the world for employability, beating all IIT’s in India on QS employability ranking. The University of Hertfordshire beats Cambridge on the employability ranking. So our students have higher prospects than IIT grads. If people think IIT’s can guarantee career, then RMIT guarantees 86 time higher than IIT Delhi, Mumbai and Madras.

Washington Accord is an International Agreement among bodies responsible for accrediting undergraduate engineering degree programs. India (National Board of Accreditation) has become the permanent signatory member of the Washington accord on 13th June 2014. It recognises the substantial equivalency of courses to study abroad accredited by those bodies and recommends that graduates of programs approved by any of the signatory bodies be accepted by the other authorities as having met the academic requirements for entry to the practice of engineering in the area of their jurisdiction.

Yes, our international office provides you with guidance and support with the visa application, documentation. Our staff have annual training on immigration policy and have a full knowledge complete relocation process.

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