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Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering & Management)

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Entry Criteria 65% KCAT Entrance
Duration 3 Years
Location Chennai
Fees per semester ₹1,45,000 + taxes
Next intake September 2022
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Programme Overview

KCIC (First 2 years)

Year 1 – 60 ECTS – Chennai campus
Year 2 – 60 ECTS – Chennai / Germany

IU (Final year)

Year 3 – 60 ECTS – Bad Honnef / Berlin Campus
B.Eng (Industrial Engineering & Management)


Online – Anytime!
On-campus – up to 4 intakes / year

Post Study Work in Germany

18 months of PSW Visa
EU Blue Pass

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Your Journey!

After UTS, we also provide two year work visa.


Programme Overview

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management graduates have been employed in manufacturing companies at the interface between business management and technical functions. This opens a wide range of professional areas such as in management, engineering, or consultancy roles.

King’s Cornerstone International College partners with IU International University of Applied Sciences to present an across-the-world academic experience, an opportunity to be a part of the world’s most happening student communities, and a world-class degree. B.Eng in Industrial Engineering & Management degree is a 3-year study with King’s Cornerstone International College and IU, Germany. This qualification is aligned with NEP2020 for progressive awards when learners successfully complete their Bachelor’s studies.

Learners begin with concepts for Becoming a leading Industrial engagement specialist of Tomorrow, from their Year 1 with industry networking, training, and further progressing to corporate topics and internships with global companies of the corporate world. This bachelor is a packaged degree, between KCIC and Ulster University, aimed at developing critical thinking, strategic management for budding Industrial Specialists to harbor an edge in the international market.

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What you will study

Studying this degree teaches features and applications for smart devices, smart technologies, and smart mobility—understanding how to use them to create, innovate, and disrupt certain industries. Learning to use experimental kits and digital modeling in a virtual environment.

KCIC and IU follow the international standard of assessments, which include coursework, practical learning, hands-on training, and internships embedded into the study modules across the student’s study period. While exams constitute a part of assessments where computations and calculations deem fit, application-based teaching is delivered, such that students find a holistic space to access international education.


Your syllabus, outlines all the essential information of this course, including topics you will study and related reading materials. This will help you understand how you will be graded, understand assignments, and stay organised.


Industry Focused Program

industry connection

Industry Connections

professional recognition

Professional Recognition




Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, there are many options to pursue a Master’s degree qualification. IU International University of Applied Sciences will grant you a maximum recognition of prior learning for the master’s degree based on completed undergraduate studies.

The Industrial Engineering and Management Bachelor program will familiarise you with features and applications for smart devices, smart technologies, and smart mobility – and you will learn how to use them to create, innovate and disrupt certain industries. You’ll become experienced with digital twins and similar technologies, and will be able to apply theoretical knowledge with the help of experimental kits and digital modeling in our virtual environment.

After graduating with an Industrial Engineering and Management Bachelor’s degree, you’ll be qualified to enter positions at the heart of digitalization and at the interface of many different industries.

State Recognised – You can be assured of program and teaching quality with this accreditation.
Institutionally Accredited – Reaccredited for five years for meeting the German Science Council’s standards.
System Accredited – IU is trusted to accredit new programs, meeting stringent quality standards.

After completing their Industrial Engineering and Management Bachelor’s degree (BEng.), our graduates often work in manufacturing companies at the interface between business management and technical functions. Be it in management, engineering, or consultancy roles – there are plenty of opportunities for talented professionals in this field.

IU International is accredited and certified with a seal of approval from the German Accreditation Council. All IU study programmes, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated.

IU got top marks from university rating platform QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) for services, technology and commitment to online learning. What’s more is we were the first German university to get 99 out of 100 points on the QS Stars Report.
In the current edition of Germany’s largest study ranking, IU won 6 out of 25 categories in the field of business administration. More than any of 300+ institutions assessed.
We have won multiple awards for our innovative courses, as well as our anytime online examination system. These awards include the 2019 Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award, and the 2017 Best of IT Innovation Award by Initiative Mittelstand (SME).

We provide you with innovative learning tools, digital study material, tutorial videos, student advice and support, and forums to exchange with other students. You also have full access to our large online library. Tutors are always available to answer your questions.

Industrial engineering has entered a revolutionary new phase, with smart technologies increasingly being put to use in manufacturing plants and supply chains across the globe. There is a huge demand for qualified engineers who are specialized in ‘Industry 4.0’ and related fields.

The IU Industrial Engineering and Management Bachelor’s prepares you for the future of the industry with a combination of relevant business studies, expert knowledge of industrial engineering, and IT expertise that will allow you to understand and optimize processes for industrial companies everywhere.

We work with employers, HE and FE experts and students to structure our qualifications to meet industry standards.

We work with industry post-validation to further recognise our qualifications as high quality and career-focused; whether that be in the form of upskilling their own workforce with our qualifications or simply formally accepting the qualification as a part of the application process.

iuBH Degree

This is an IU International University of Applied Sciences Degree, delivered in partnership with King’s Cornerstone International College (KCIC). IU is accredited and certified by the German Accreditation Council. The graduating student is conferred with a B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering & Management.

All IU study programs, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated. Moreover, IU provides an official Europass Diploma Supplement once a student graduates, to ensure that the degree is recognized across the world.

In the current edition of Germany’s largest study ranking, IU won 6 out of 25 categories in the field of business administration. More than any of the 300+ institutions assessed.IU has won multiple awards for our innovative courses, as well as our anytime online examination system. These awards include the 2019 Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award, and 2017 Best of IT Innovation Award by Initiative Mittelstand (SME).



An optional award that can be packaged is a BTEC Diploma Certification in Engineering including an enhanced work-related curriculum that is designed to address an increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways equipping students with the right skills and competencies for the workplace like The BBC, IBM, Tesco, Newport Wafer Fab, and Worldpay E-commerce.

Note: Choosing to package your degree with a BTEC HN Award might incur additional academic and registration costs. To know more about this, please email your queries to [email protected]


Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries.

  • 16+ Real world Case study
  • Practical & Assignment based assessments
  • Work integrated learning with Industry partners
  • First year of the program is designed and developed Pearson, UK
  • Get mentored by Industry professionals

3G Third Gen

3G (third generation) technology attracted the attention of mobile phone operators, who spent $130 billion in Europe to acquire 3G spectrum licenses in 2000. 3G became popular as it offered operators cost effectiveness in providing services for users. Vodafone joined the race to launch 3G technology by focusing on providing content services to users. The company launched a £15 million advertising campaign to promote its content services and to boost subscription rates. But with several other mobile phone operators also following a similar strategy, analysts are sceptical about the company’s ability to recover the investment made on the spectrum license and on the promotion of 3G.



Additive manufacturing systems are already forcing systems designers, manufacturers, and scientists to rethink how they create new systems and develop advanced materials for futuristic products. The medical implant and wearable fields are no exception. What use to be confined to dental models and other body models has now expanded to devices like hearing aids, orthopedic and cranial implants, surgical instruments, dental restorations, and external prosthetics.

Wearable devices and some implants, especially those intended for real-time monitoring of chronic health conditions, require a flexible electronics platform that is biocompatible and compact enough to fit in the human body. 3D printing of medical devices will soon span beyond body models and prosthetics as more advanced electronic materials and additive manufacturing platforms become available. This enables the creation of unique electronic medical implants and other devices from a broad range of biocompatible materials


CASE STUDY – Industry 4.0

CASE STUDY – Industry 4.0 Platform Helps Advance Smart Manufacturing Operations Logo Link leading global tool manufacturing company with multiple lines of business and more than 100 factories worldwide lacked visibility into production metrics, such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With machines varying in age and complexity, and two fundamentally different types of facilities, few assets were instrumented with sensors that provided data analytics to management.

Our client knew it had a greenfield opportunity to transition cleanly to digital. Its objective was to create significant value—in the hundreds of millions—in the next five years as it moves from a focus on efficiency improvements to an Industry 4.0 platform that promotes connectivity and digital visualisation.



DroneGrid is a Belgian company that was founded in August 2016. DroneGrid targets specific end-to-end enterprise applications and is active in the energy, construction/mining, and infrastructure sectors.

The KCIC Advantage

University Packaged | Credit Transfer Programs

Eligibility Requirement

  • 65% overall

Preferred Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and/or Chemistry are suggested, but NOT compulsory for application.

Candidate must have completed 10+2 with the above mentioned overall along with any of the following subjects:

Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subject / Computer Science / Information Technology / Informatics Practices / Agriculture / Engineering Graphics / Psychology / Economics / Fashion Studies / Any Language / Business Studies / Accounting

as major subjects in regular stream from any education board within India – CBSE, ISC, Matriculation, NIOS, Any State Board or with International Boards – Cambridge AS & A Levels or IB Diploma/Certificate.


  • Clear the KCAT – King’s Cornerstone Aptitude Test

The KCAT is our premier standardized test and is required by students seeking admission into our Undergraduate courses*. The test is an online-based proctored exam that assesses your skills in common topics encountered during your senior year (Grade 11 & 12) of school.

*Exemptions are available for students who have cleared the SAT exam. However, this is on a case-by-case basis. To assess your eligibility for exemption, Apply Now immediately!

What's Included in the Fees

  • Study and acquire 60 or 120 ECTS for IU credit with KCIC
  • Access to e-learning modules, and IU student access portals
  • Transfer paperwork & Assistance Visa & housing support Bank loan guidance & assistance Exam fees
  • eBooks & Studio charges Portal access to LMS Software access


Very content with my learning at KCIC, learning two years of my international program here has reduced the cost of study abroad by 60%, and I am excited about my international career.

Student Avatar Anish

KCIC offers a different learning environment, unconventional educational methods, with opportunities combined with industrial visits, workshops, and other things, to compete at international level.

Student Avatar Annie

I was studying Aeronautical in a traditional college, hearing Cornerstone I shifted from Bangalore and joined here. The foundation year started with direct aerospace units, unlike other colleges.

Student Avatar Joshua Ravi

Frequently Asked Questions

RMIT universities ranks top in employability. RMIT ranks 87th in the world for employability, beating all IIT’s in India on QS employability ranking. The University of Hertfordshire beats Cambridge on the employability ranking. So our students have higher prospects than IIT grads. If people think IIT’s can guarantee career, then RMIT guarantees 86 time higher than IIT Delhi, Mumbai and Madras.

Washington Accord is an International Agreement among bodies responsible for accrediting undergraduate engineering degree programs. India (National Board of Accreditation) has become the permanent signatory member of the Washington accord on 13th June 2014. It recognises the substantial equivalency of courses to study abroad accredited by those bodies and recommends that graduates of programs approved by any of the signatory bodies be accepted by the other authorities as having met the academic requirements for entry to the practice of engineering in the area of their jurisdiction.

Unlike, traditional college, Kings Cornerstone, one of the best colleges for international students delivers the international curriculum developed by the world’s largest education company Pearson, in the UK with a focus on practical training including work integrated learning (WIL) engaging the students with the employer while learning.

The fee for each program is different. It ranges from Rs 225,000 to Rs 350,000 per annum. Please refer our website ‘Fees & Funding’ for more details. Final year fee should be paid directly to the transferring university. We are offering 20% of study abroad scholarships to all Kings Cornerstone students when they apply to study abroad. Also, all transfer students will get part-time work up to 20 hrs/per week during the study period and full time during holidays. Sensible financial management will help the student to save a significant amount from their part-time earning to cover their living or fund their studies.

Most parents think it is too early to send a 17-year-old child to live and study abroad. It is also expensive to consider funding for a four-year program, so they don’t mind losing four years in India and then look at an additional two years to study abroad. But parents realise that the skills gained in India are not enough to obtain employment, so they decide to reinvest in a postgraduate program to learn the skills. Hearing many parents feedback to design a budgetary study abroad plans, we redesigned study abroad with: Studying the first two years of an international qualification in India prepares the student to move overseas at the right age of 19 or 20. Affordable similar investment for two years at the bachelor’s level instead of a master’s degree, making your employable two years sooner than graduates. Moving to study the final years in Melbourne is very relaxed, fun with the entire class is transferring overseas making the settlement process in a new country simpler. Unlike other students going all alone and trying to settle in a new community.

For more information Contact Us.

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