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Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

ulster, ug, journalism, travel, tourism, barts, ba, Media, Culture, Politics, Key Concepts in Media Theory, Public Affairs for Journalists, Audio Journalism, Multi-platform Journalism, Media Law and Regulation, Advanced Audio Journalism, Placement and Work Based Learning, Audio/Visual Journalism, Journalism Major Project, Journalism Dissertation, Investigative Journalism, Journalism Research in a Global Context

Entry Criteria 12th Completed
Duration 3 Years
Location Chennai & Coleraine
Fees per semester ₹1,12,500 + taxes
Next intake September 2022
Your Future Campus

Your Journey!


KCIC (First 2 years)

Year 1 – 120 Credits – Level 4
Year 2 – 120 Credits – Level 5

Ulster University (Final 2 years)

Year 3 – 120 Credits – B.Sc Degree
Ulster University, United Kingdom

Student Memberships

National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ)

Post Study Work in the UK

Post Study Work Visa Through Graduate Immigration Route

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Your Journey!

After UTS, we also provide two year work visa.


Programme Overview

King’s Cornerstone, Best International College partners with Ulster University to present an across-the-world academic experience, an opportunity to be a part of the world’s most happening student communities, and a world-class degree. B.A in Journalism degree is a 2+1 year study with Kings Cornerstone International College and Ulster University, UK. This qualification is aligned with NEP2020 for progressive awards, when learners successfully complete Certificate, Diploma and Bacheors within 3 years.

Learners begin with concepts for Becoming Journalism stalwarts of Tomorrow, from their Year 1 with contemporary media exposure, networking, training, and further progressing to corporate topics and internships with global companies of the corporate world. This Bachelors is a packaged degree, between KCIC and Ulster University, aimed at developing critical thinking, strategic management for budding Journalists to propagate a paradigm shift in the sector of Creative Media.
This program has multiple awards, from world’s leading testing & assessment company Pearson, Ulster University & a multitude of training programs.

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What you will study

Employers value the skills and knowledge that our students bring to the workplace, and many organisations/institutions recognise our qualifications. The validation of working with industry experts is key to structuring B.A programmes to concur with industry standards. This ensures our students graduate with necessary expertise and employability skills that are interoperable with the world media framework and industry, while providing the flexibility to land straight into an on-demand occupation. Kings Cornerstone will deliver core Media subjects within the first two years, then transfer abroad to pursue their remaining two-year period with Ulster University. While hosting an active academic community, students are encouraged to participate in Clubs and Societies, with numerous events running around the year. With business hubs around the locale, Ulster’s campuses are hub for active community engagement, and a great base for students to make a positive social impact. Courses taught in the first two years of this study are available under Syllabus.


Your syllabus, outlines all the essential information of this course, including topics you will study and related reading materials. This will help you understand how you will be graded, understand assignments, and stay organised.


Industry Focused Program

industry connection

Industry Connections

professional recognition

Professional Recognition




The course will enable you to embark on, or further enhance your professional career in the area of Journalism by providing you with knowledge and skills in areas of Media Theory, Public Areas, Media Law and Regulation, Advanced Audio Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Journalism Research, Media, Culture and Politics in the context of Creative Media as well as the experience using the state-of-the-art studios.

For years, institutions have valued the skills and knowledge of application-based learning that students of Pearson-based curriculum bring to the world of work. Graduates from Ulster were placed in well-known companies like Lion TV, Shee Creative, BBC, Fraser McDonald, Relay FM, and Employability skills and competencies for student career success is the key focus for this qualification by delivering learning that is rooted in the real world and to developing work-ready graduates with the professional skills and behaviours that represent a professional attitude.

With Ulster University’s involvement in leading Media communities like National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), student members can access webinars, professional courses and interactions with several major companies and NGOs. Core competencies are developed on programme in a balanced framework of cognitive (knowledge), affective (behaviours) and psychomotor (practical) learning outcomes to encourage a more vocational and practical approach to learning. Final year projects are designed to include direct involvement of global companies, providing a haven of access and insight into well-known journalist societies.

Unlike other programs, these study abroad courses offers multiple awards, membership from Industry and professional bodies. Graduates from the course will be well placed to progress into a career across a range of industrial settings in these sectors. This course is recognised and lauded by National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ)

Ulster University has been placed in the top 50 in the Complete University Guide (CUG) rankings of 2022, UK.
– No. 44 in the UK, (CUG)
– 13th in Research Intensity

Employability – 94% students from Ulster university are either in work or pursue further studies (DLHE Survey)

Teaching includes learning from tutoring, case study, webinars, guest speakers from Industry, peer to peer discussion, presentation, role play, assignments (variety of forms including practical and written. Learners will be assessed based on their coursework (Harvard System) instead of an exam.

Course is aligned with the internship/apprenticeship framework from year two, learners must collaborate with industry to align with occupational standards to improve KSB’s (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour). Industry is at the heart of KCIC & Ulster University qualifications. Co-designed with industry, students and education experts, KCIC & Ulster University’s B.A provides real-world experience as well as academic knowledge. Journalism plays a key role in the transmission of information, helping maintain democratic societies, providing perspective and transparency of events occurring in various corners of the globe. Graduates from the course will be well placed to progress into a career across a range of industrial settings in these sectors.

Throughout qualification development and validation, working with industry experts helps to structure our qualifications to meet industry standards. This ensures that students leave with the required expertise and employability skills as identified by business and industry, and with the flexibility to go straight into employment or to continue to a degree.

Sample Ulster University Degree

B.A (Hons.) Journalism will be awarded upon completion of the 2+1 year period at Coleraine campus. This degree is accredited by the British Computing Society (BCS) and Institute of Science and Technology (IST). Using this qualification you may apply for the following visa options.

– Graduate Visa Route (Post-Study Work Visa for 2 years)
– Leading to Tier 2 Visa
– Progressing to ‘Indefinite Leave to Return’



This is a university packaged program with Pearson HN Award. Learners will complete 240 credits awarded during the first two years, prior transferring to Ulster University to complete the remaining modules. The Pearson qualification integrates industry accreditations through National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).
Using this certificate learners may apply for part-time work in the UK while studying. Under the current revisions from the UK Government, students are eligible to work up to 20 hrs/per week while studying and full time during semester breaks.


Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries.

  • 16+ Real world Case study
  • Practical & Assignment based assessments
  • Work integrated learning with Industry partners
  • First two years of the program is designed and developed Pearson, UK
  • Get mentored by Industry professionals

Accuracy in Journalism

Jack, an opinion writer, submits a piece condemning affirmative action policies in the university’s admission process. He argues that such policies are racist because they consider race, rather than merit, as a criterion. Elena, the editor-in-chief, reviews the article before publication. She was unaware of the university’s use of affirmative action in admissions. She contacts the Admissions Office to inquire about the application review process, and learns that the university does not practice affirmative action. Elena believes that opinion pieces must be rooted in facts – even if the paper has made it clear that it does not endorse the viewpoints on opinion pages.


Catchy title or needless deception

Deana began pursuing a story on a pharmaceutical company which had recently come out with a possible cancer treatment. After a thorough investigation, Deana’s own research raised questions about the key drug in the treatment. In the 1970s it had been found to dangerously cut off the blood supply in pregnant women. The development of the medicine was still in its early stages and Deana wanted to make it clear in her report that it had yet to pass all the required tests. The promotions department wanted to title her piece: The Answer to Cancer.” But Deana disagreed as she felt the title didn’t agree with the tone of the article.

The KCIC Advantage

University Packaged | Credit Transfer Programs

Eligibility Requirement


What's Included in the Fees

  • Study/aquire 240 credit UU points in KCIC
  • Pearson BTEC L5 award (Journalism) – 240 credits
  • Year 3 transfer paperwork & Assistance
  • Visa & housing support
  • Bank loan guidance & assistance
  • Exam fess
  • eBooks & Studio charges
  • Portal access to LMS
  • Software access


Very content with my learning at KCIC, learning two years of my international program here has reduced the cost of study abroad by 60%, and I am excited about my international career.

Student Avatar Anish

KCIC offers a different learning environment, unconventional educational methods, with opportunities combined with industrial visits, workshops, and other things, to compete at international level.

Student Avatar Annie

I was studying Aeronautical in a traditional college, hearing Cornerstone I shifted from Bangalore and joined here. The foundation year started with direct aerospace units, unlike other colleges.

Student Avatar Joshua Ravi

Frequently Asked Questions

First, two years at Chennai campus is limited to 20-25 students per class. Every year we plan to recruit 250 to 300 students across all departments giving them the assured transfer to Melbourne campus. However, the final years at the Melbourne campus gives you the multicultural environment with 81,000 students studying across the RMIT.

Kings Cornerstone, one of the best colleges for international students will provide fundamental tools and equipment required for the first two years. The first two years at Kings Cornerstone is a solid foundation to advanced learning at RMIT Melbourne. Since the final years are planned in Melbourne, the facilities provided to students are world-class. They access the same materials, tools, technology what is currently used in the industry.

Take a virtual tour to RMIT manufacturing facility that you have access during the final years at Melbourne. Check out ‘This is Engineering at RMIT’, ‘EMBER – an engineering innovation’ RMIT’s New Academic Street and Telstra Challenge Projects at RMIT.

Most students enrol in our programs seeking a continuing career in their preferred field. The return on investment is very high if you chose to work in Melbourne, London, Toronto and Dublin when compared to the salaries paid in India. So, we recommend students seeking global career to enrol. If you are looking to return to India or seeking local placements or local jobs, then you don’t need to study at Kings Cornerstone or take study abroad route, there are plenty on good local institutions in India who can help.

We are looking for a passionate learner willing to study realistically, apply reasoning and ability to learn by doing, but not someone who can memorise and write the whole book without practised knowledge. Hence, your higher secondary results do not make any weight in the selection process, except for your functional abilities. Your entry to our programs depends on your statement of purpose and a personal interview with the academic board but not your higher secondary marks. So plan well for your admission interview and rationalising SOP.

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Enquiries for Study Abroad Program

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