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Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Accounting & Financial Management

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Entry Criteria 12th Pass
Duration 3 Years
Location Chennai & New Castle, UK
Fees ₹225,000 + taxes
Next intake Sept / Feb
Your Future Campus

Your Journey!

After University of Sunderland, we also provide two year work visa.

KCIC (First 2 years)

Year 1 – Level 4 – Certificate
Year 2 – Level 5 – Diploma

SU (Final year)

Year 3 – Bachelors in University of Sunderland (Hons)



Post Study Work Visa for Two Years

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Your career in Business Studies

A degree in accounting and financial management is highly relevant to the needs of organisations of all sizes. As well as opening doors to a rewarding job, it also helps you climb the ladder once you’re inside.Our undergraduate Business and Management courses are ranked 1st (of 14 institutions, 201 respondents) for Overall Engagement (UKES, 2020)

Enhance your personal development and knowledge base through the ‘Contemporary Developments in Business and Management’ module.

Examples of companies that have recruited students from Sunderland include leading names in IT (Microsoft, IBM), consumer goods (P&G, Nike, Adidas), banking (Lloyds TSB), hospitality (Marriott Hotels, Starbucks), and the public sector (NHS).

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What you will study

The key accounting and finance themes are complemented by related management modules to develop the business context of the specialism. A strong mix of academic and practical content to enhance critical thinking in a real world environment.


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies and projects


Industry Focused Program

industry connection

Industry Connections

professional recognition

Professional Recognition




On completion of the undergraduate degree, there are many options to pursue a master degree qualification. University of Sunderland will grant you a maximum recognition of prior learning for the master degree based on completed undergraduate studies.

You will also receive qualification award from Pearson BTEC Level 5 in Business for the first two years of your study in India. The combination of vocational and the professional award gives you edge over other programs.

Kings Cornerstone is the only Platinum partner of Pearson, the world’s largest education company providing services to schools, colleges, universities and fortune 500 companies.

Fortune 100 companies such as Apple, AT&T, Dell, IBM, HP, Oracle use Pearson VUE platform to run certification assessment.

Pearson owns other educational media brands Addison-Wesley, Peachpit, Prentice Hall, eCollege, Longman, Scott Foresman and others

Pearson net revenue in 2019 is Rs 3869 Crores

More than 10 million students registered every year

Accredited By:

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Certified Practising Accountants (CPA)

According to The Complete University Guide League Tables 2019, the University of Sunderland was ranked 99th out of 131.

A typical week for you will include lectures, seminars, group work and e-learning. We encourage you to develop independent study skills. You will also have opportunities to present ideas to other students and develop concepts within groups.

As well as assessments that count towards your degree, there are also on-going assessments for feedback and consolidating your learning. Assessment methods include written coursework, projects, presentations and exams.

Graduates from this course are now working for:

IT (Microsoft, IBM)
consumer goods (P&G, Nike, Adidas)
banking (Lloyds TSB)
hospitality (Marriott Hotels, Starbucks)
public sector (NHS)

University of Sunderland

You’ll receive Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management from University of Sunderland, New Castle, UK upon successful completion of the program in the UK. This degree is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants(CIMA) and prepares you for job roles in companies like IT (Microsoft, IBM), consumer goods (P&G, Nike, Adidas), banking (Lloyds TSB), hospitality (Marriott Hotels, Starbucks), and the public sector (NHS).


Certificate & Memberships

You will also receive a BTEC Diploma Certificate in Business include enhanced work-related curriculum that is designed to address an increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways equipping students with the right skills and competencies for the workplace like The BBC, IBM, Tesco, Newport Wafer Fab and Worldpay E-commerce.


Industry Projects and Case Studies

Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries.

  • 16+ Real world Case study
  • Practical & Assignment based assessments
  • Work integrated learning with Industry partners
  • First two years of the program is designed and developed Pearson, UK
  • Get mentored by Industry professionals

Case Study 1

South Korea based LG Electronics, Inc. (LGE) was a technology innovator in electronics, information and communications businesses producing CDMA handsets, DVD players, optical storage devices, canister vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and micro ovens. LGE had more than 72,000 employees working in about 77 subsidiaries and marketing units across the world. In January 2006, the company launched “Blue Ocean Management” campaign to be one among the top 3 electronics, information and telecommunications firms in the world by 2010. But LGE was primarily known for its low-cost appliances, and faced challenges related to company’s image, low profitability and stiff competition across the world. With the tough road ahead would LGE be able to achieve its target by 2010? Would it be able to make its competition irrelevant, especially Samsung, its home rival?


Case Study 2

This case study primarily helps in understanding the estimation/calculation of money supply in an economy. This case also helps in analysing the determinants of money supply and the interrelations between those determinants, apart from understanding various theories relating to money demand and supply along with theories on monetary policies. In economics, money is a broad term that refers to any financial instrument that can fulfil the functions of money – a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a standard of deferred payment, and a store of value. Money supply is usually measured as three escalating categories: M1 (most liquid financial instruments), M2 (equals to M1 + and savings account deposits), and M3 (M2 plus time deposits). It helps in understanding the theories relating to supply for and demand of money in the light of changes in money supply in India in the period 1990 to 2008. The case also helps in analysing income velocity of money with the data provided.

The KCIC Advantage

University Packaged | Credit transfer

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    What's Included in the Fees

    • Study/aquire 240 credit SU points in KCIC
    • Pearson BTEC L5 award (Business) – 240 credits
    • Year 3 transfer paperwork & Assistance
    • Visa & housing support
    • Bank loan guidance & assistance
    • Exam fess
    • eBooks & Studio charges
    • Portal access to LMS
    • Software access


    Learn from India’s top Business Studies faculty and industry leaders

    faculty image
    Prof. Francesca Lacopi

    School of Electrical and Data Engineering

    faculty image
    Prof. Joanne Tipper

    Head Of School, Biomedical Engineering

    faculty image
    Prof. Paul Kennedy

    School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering


    Very content with my learning at KCIC, learning two years of my international program here has reduced the cost of study abroad by 60%, and I am excited about my international career.

    Student Avatar Anish

    KCIC offers a different learning environment, unconventional educational methods, with opportunities combined with industrial visits, workshops, and other things, to compete at international level.

    Student Avatar Annie

    I was studying Aeronautical in a traditional college, hearing Cornerstone I shifted from Bangalore and joined here. The foundation year started with direct aerospace units, unlike other colleges.

    Student Avatar Joshua Ravi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    First, two years at Chennai campus is limited to 20-25 students per class. Every year we plan to recruit 250 to 300 students across all departments giving them the assured transfer to Melbourne campus. However, the final years at the Melbourne campus gives you the multicultural environment with 81,000 students studying across the RMIT.

    Kings Cornerstone will provide fundamental tools and equipment required for the first two years. The first two years at Kings Cornerstone is a solid foundation to advanced learning at RMIT Melbourne. Since the final years are planned in Melbourne, the facilities provided to students are world-class. They access the same materials, tools, technology what is currently used in the industry.

    Take a virtual tour to RMIT manufacturing facility that you have access during the final years at Melbourne. Check out ‘This is Engineering at RMIT’, ‘EMBER – an engineering innovation’ RMIT’s New Academic Street and Telstra Challenge Projects at RMIT.

    Most students enrol in our programs seeking a continuing career in their preferred field. The return on investment is very high if you chose to work in Melbourne, London, Toronto and Dublin when compared to the salaries paid in India. So, we recommend students seeking global career to enrol. If you are looking to return to India or seeking local placements or local jobs, then you don’t need to study at Kings Cornerstone or take study abroad route, there are plenty on good local institutions in India who can help.

    We are looking for a passionate learner willing to study realistically, apply reasoning and ability to learn by doing, but not someone who can memorise and write the whole book without practised knowledge. Hence, your higher secondary results do not make any weight in the selection process, except for your functional abilities. Your entry to our programs depends on your statement of purpose and a personal interview with the academic board but not your higher secondary marks. So plan well for your admission interview and rationalising SOP.

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