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Free Education in UK for Indian Students

The United Kingdom is a well-known and popular destination for international students. With its top-ranking universities, pioneering research, and historic culture, this study abroad courses destination has an excellence in providing free education in UK for Indian students by which there is a gateway for you to get world-class education without paying for anything.

How to acquire a free education in UK for Indian students?

1. Early submission of applications

If a student wishes to pursue a specific course of his/her choice, it’s best if they could apply it early by submission of applications. For free education in UK for Indian students the applicants should submit their applications through the Universities and College Admissions Service Portal as early as possible, probably they should submit the applications before the deadline. This can also be easier to register for a student visa, among all other documents. As for graduate studies, the requirements and deadlines would vary depending on the university. But generally, these institutions will require you to submit your educational qualifications, personal statement, and reference letters.

2. Get Financial Assistance in the United Kingdom

Most of the universities which offer free education in UK for Indian students have a variety of study abroad scholarships, especially for the Indian students which can be the best way to study in the UK for free. They may include the GREAT scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship and Chevening scholarship.

3. Apply to affordable colleges or universities

The education in most of the UK universities can be expensive but there are quality universities for free education in UK for Indian students that levy lower fees. 

List of universities that offer free education in UK for Indian students

Here are certain British universities that offer full scholarships for Indian students to study for free in the United Kingdom.

Oxford University which is popularly called the University of Oxford, is one among the most internationally diverse collegiate research universities. OU is not only popular for its rich heritage and culture but there are over 350 graduate programs with standard resources and services offered to its students. 

The University of Cambridge is a prestigious institution around the world which has also produced more than 298,000 living alumni, who among them are Olympic medallists, Nobel Prize Laureates, and other reputable positions. 

Warwick University prides itself on its forward-thinking in academics and other related activities where it has employed over 2,400 teaching staff across various faculties by collaborating with about 200 universities across the globe.

The university of St. Andrews has two International Student Advisors who are tasked in providing specific support for the general advice services to the international students. Besides that, every new student is assigned an Adviser of Studies to guide them through studies and career paths.

The University of Bristol helps for free education in UK for Indian where they help connect students with meaningful friendships and relationships. Each and every student is offered a personal supervisor or tutor who they can meet regularly for clarifications or guidance.

Other Universities which help in free education in UK for Indian Students

  • Teesside University – Commonwealth scholarships are offered here.
  • University of Arts London – Focuses on art related program studies
  • University of Birmingham – Provides Chevening scholarship especially for students who wish to cover one year Master’s degree in the university.
  • Nottingham Trent University – Offers partial scholarships for Indian students
  • Royal College of Art – Offers partial scholarship programs for Master’s Students
  • Kings Cornerstone International College – Offers cost effective and free education in UK for Indian students with quality education where it can be one sure- fire-way to decrease your expenses drastically.

Study in UK for Indian Students

Universities in the UK ranks amongst the best internationally. That’s why study in UK for Indian students is valued and recognized universally. Students who pursue their career in the UK meet individuals from different nationalities by which they get an opportunity to exchange their multicultural backgrounds. The UK universities are monitored regularly by the government to uphold the first-grade standards of learning, teaching and research. 

Students who look to study in the UK for UG and PG study abroad courses from a country like India are met with shorter course duration when compared with the other nations because undergraduate programs are for a duration of two / three years depending on the course while postgraduate programs are usually for one year.

This can reduce the costs and break down the living expenses. Moreover, innumerable scholarships are offered by the UK universities in developing their skill sets, making them creative, boosting their confidence through the world’s innovative study and teaching methodology with the leading experts and academicians. 

Moreover, with introduction of two new visas for international students, UK is the best country for Indian students.

Study in UK for Indian students after 10th

Many foundation courses are designed for the study in UK for Indian students after 10th to ensure that they are academically ready for doing the undergraduate level courses in the UK. A student has to develop the study skills with a better English language proficiency by getting used to university-style teaching.

This makes them understand the field of study by preparing progressively where they should obtain an average of 65% or above in their 10th exam and should also take the TOEFL/IELTS tests with a band score of 5.5 or above to get placed in their preferred UK university.

Study in UK for Indians

Study in UK for Indian students after 12th

More Indian students look for suitable colleges in the UK after the 12th class for higher education and graduation. They have many courses to pursue like Law, Media and Communications, Business Management, Social Studies, Computer Science, Engineering, Biotechnology, and Architecture depending on the study programs and levels.

Study in UK for Indian Students after 12th is made possible for students who have attained 18 years of age and also, they should have secured marks of 65% or above with minimum language proficiency. The eligibility criteria may vary for different universities.

Study in UK for Indian students after 12th Commerce

Study in UK for Indian students after 12th Commerce is open to programs such as Management, Marketing, Law, Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accountancy, Business or International Relations. Students can also earn while studying in the UK by obtaining part-time employment in accounting, banking and finance, insurance and retail where they can hone their abilities and gain more practical experience.

The criteria depend on the requirements of the university of choice (i.e) getting minimum grades from a recognized board of education in India and also submitting the IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or other language proficiency tests along with LOR (Letters of Recommendation) and SOP (Statement of Purpose).

Study in UK for Indian students after 12th   Science

There is a pool of options for the study in UK for Indian students after 12th Science which can be a cumbersome process for the students to select the right course in Science Stream. They are categorised into medical (Biology, Medicine, Biotechnology, etc) and non-medical subjects (Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc). Besides the programme, the specific eligibility requirements of the students mainly depends on the universities they are applying for.

Check out the success story of Berlin Devadoss, who did his Bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of Ulster in Belfast, United Kingdom.

Study nursing in UK requirements

The job opportunities and career aspects of Indian students pursuing Nursing courses in the UK are endless. After completion of BSc Nursing, the students can opt to work as a trainee nurse, staff nurse, health visitor, therapist, children nurse, learning disability nurse and mental health nurse.

To secure admission for nursing in UK Universities, students must meet the eligibility criteria as listed below:

  • Should have completed Class 10th and Class 12th from a recognized board
  • Should have scored good marks in Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects.
  • Should have an resume updates with passport size photos and a valid passport.

Studying nursing in the UK can fetch vast job opportunities in elite health care hospitals, or medical centres immediately after certification with high remuneration and global recognition.

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MBA in UK for Indian Students

MBA in UK for Indian Students

MBA in UK for Indian students is one of the most reputable and sought study abroad courses in the universe making it one among the most popular study destinations for the international students. 

The United Kingdom ranks as the world’s 2nd largest educational centre and stands as an epitome for foreign students with over 395 universities providing quality world-class education. The degrees obtained in the UK are internationally recognised which aids the aspirants to acquire their dream jobs or become global entrepreneurs. 

Why pursue MBA in UK for Indian Students?

The United Kingdom is a standalone place in the world’s leading economies. The UK universities are created with a key focus to impart the Indian students with the right skills and knowledge in a particular field. When you decide to do your Master in Business Administration, the UK would be the best choice for higher education. There are various other key aspects which strive to do MBA in UK for Indian Students making UK an amazing choice.

The following are the key aspects to do MBA in UK :

  1. Outstanding Education
  2. One Year Duration Course
  3. Linking with industries
  4. Scholarships
  • Outstanding Education: Literally, MBA in UK for Indian students offers programs in UK universities by equipping students with key skills and knowledge combining theoretical and practical-oriented learning to enhance understanding. Students get to learn from experienced professionals with constant lectures and workshops organised by reputed business leaders which augments the exposure and knowledge of the students in a specific industry.
  • One Year Duration Course: Most MBA programs that are offered by UK universities are one-year programs with certain exceptions for some core management courses. This aids the students in gaining quality education, with an international exposure enabling job opportunities to expand their knowledge in a short period of time.
  • Linking with industries: One of the major advantages of pursuing an MBA in UK for Indian students is that the students studying here get to meet the leading industry professionals and experts at various events, conferences, and lectures that are organized by the universities.
  • Scholarships: Studying in a foreign country for an MBA degree comes with various financial constraints. There are plenty of universities in the UK to offer scholarships for aiding financial assistance.
MBa in UK for Indian Student

Programme Concept of MBA

This is a 2-year course where you can earn while you learn. Work & Study for the first year MBA course in Kings Cornerstone International College and continue doing your second year MBA course in Ulster university. At the end of the Course (After 18 Months) you can get a Full Time International MBA from Ulster university with Work Experience.

First 9 months in KCIC

  • Join the MBA in Chennai and get a job placement immediately after the course completion.
  • You can take classes on all weekdays where we double up the classes for pre-master’s in Business Administration giving one the potential to fulfil all the program requirements.
  • Job placement will be based on chosen specialization to ensure 5 days of practical exposure and 2 days of classroom exposure.
  • Save money on tuition fees and extra expenses by graduating in less than one calendar year.

Last 9 months in University of Ulster

  • Move to University of Ulster, London & get a paid part time Job in the UK.
  • Work and Study rest of the 9 months course in London
  • Broaden your comprehensive managerial understanding and competence that lasts for a Masters in Business Administration career for an entire lifetime.
  • Fees for the last 9 months are easily affordable, attracting the budget-conscious students.
  • Acquire a 2-year work visa after Ulster to achieve competency in applying the knowledge to the real work environments.

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UK Universities without IELTS

What is IELTS?

UK Universities without IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a harmonized language assessment examination which is very essential for the institutions around the world to check the English language skills of the potential international students.

Generally, there are four main sections for IELTS that include the reading, writing, listening and speaking modules. It is a three-hour test where the students will get an overall score. This is not the only factor to seek admission in the UK universities, you can also study without taking the without IELTS exam.

List of UK Universities without IELTS

The United Kingdom has a vast range of globally acclaimed and highly ranked universities, to provide admission to foreign students without the compulsion of IELTS. Some of the UK Universities without IELTS are:

  1. University of Essex
  2. University of Basel
  3. University of Bristol
  4. University of Bolton
  5. University of Geneva
  6. University of Warwick
  7. University of Plymouth
  8. University of Greenwich
  9. University of Northampton
  10. University of Central Lancashire
  11. Aston University
  12. Bangor University
  13. Brunel University
  14. Swansea University
  15. Portsmouth University
  16. Northumbria University
  17. Riga Technical University
  18. Robert Gordon University
  19. Birmingham City University
  20. Sheffield Hallam University
  21. London South Bank University
  22. Audencia Nantes School of Management

Is it possible to study in the UK without IELTS?

The answer to the query “Is it possible to study in the UK without IELTS?” would definitely be ‘Yes’. A student can study in the UK by getting a study visa without IELTS but he/she should provide a document from the university to the immigration authorities that they are eligible for a study visa without IELTS. The key requirements to study in UK Universities without IELTS include:

  • The university should provide a document with the statement stating that you can apply for a UK study visa without IELTS scores. This is the foremost requirement for the UK Universities without IELTS.
  • An acceptance letter from the UK university where the student has planned to do his further studies.

Moreover, Aspirants can also appear for the (SELT) Secure English Language Test which is mandated by (UKVI) UK Visas and Immigration as a valid proof for assessment of the English proficiency especially for the UK Universities without IELTS.

Universities in UK

Why should you study in Kings Cornerstone International College?

Kings Cornerstone International College is one of the preferred universities for those who are planning to study in the UK. Here, you can start your studies by pursuing 50% of the desired course in Chennai and later on pursue the remaining 50% of the course and get graduated in the UK university. They have made remarkable progress in rendering global exposure to its students in the present era. 

The university admits students on the basis of merit, i.e., marks obtained in XII standard or based on their score obtained in the undergraduate degree. Furthermore, if you don’t have IELTS scores, then you can take up pre-study English courses at the university itself and get admission into your chosen course alongside. 

For students who wish to study in UK Universities without IELTS, Kings Cornerstone International College would be the right choice as it offers a plethora of courses in various streams such as arts, science, information technology, law, engineering, humanities, business and management by implementing a unique pedagogical model of curriculum. 

Read also: Success story of Berlin Devadoss, who graduated from University of Ulster in Belfast ,United Kingdom.

The aspirants can experience a world-class education which nurtures their creative thinking and personality development of the students. This university also engages the students with the employers while learning itself as it can gain you more job opportunities making it an added advantage. 

The fee structure at Kings Cornerstone guarantees you with the lowest fee structure for all the international courses where you will be required to pay at least 60 – 70% lesser than the standard fee structure which are charged by the international universities. The affordable fee structure depending on the study program can enhance the students’ knowledge, broaden their social horizon with continuous assessment to shape more global leaders and deliver a better outcome.

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