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Many study postgraduate program overseas after an undergraduate in India? Why not I take this route?

Most parents think it is too early to send a 17-year-old child to live and study abroad. It is also expensive to consider funding for a four-year program, so they don’t mind losing four years in India and then look at an additional two years to study abroad. But parents realise that the skills gained in India are not enough to obtain employment, so they decide to reinvest in a postgraduate program to learn the skills. Hearing many parents feedback to design a budgetary study abroad plans, we redesigned study abroad with: Studying the first two years of an international qualification in India prepares the student to move overseas at the right age of 19 or 20. Affordable similar investment for two years at the bachelor’s level instead of a master’s degree, making your employable two years sooner than graduates. Moving to study the final years in Melbourne is very relaxed, fun with the entire class is transferring overseas making the settlement process in a new country simpler. Unlike other students going all alone and trying to settle in a new community.

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