What is the main reason for unemployment in India?

April 4, 2017
Causes of Educated Unemployment in India
May 31, 2017
“A well-educated mind vs a well formed mind”

The current scenario is suffering from unemployment as far as India is concern, & the most of the unemployed persons are professionals, so called well educated professionals.

Have you ever think the roots of unemployment?

-well, I’m a mechanical engineering graduate (unemployed) & I’ve observed some interesting facts during this period. I still remember that question when a person from my native asked to me, what is your field of study & I frequently told him mechanical engineering then he replied with some strange expression, what that really means?

I tried to explain him…some machine related things & all, but he just stopped me in between the talk and started telling like.. You don’t know anything. You are just wasting your time & money in the name of mechanical engineering. I got some level of anger that time….but as he was working in a well-known company that too in foreign, i had to maintain the calm & i did.

  • Are you a designer, welder, or NC, CNC programmer?
  • Do you know the heat validation & air conditioning (in practical)?
  • What do you know about QA & QC?
  • How many labs you have attended?
  • These were some questions he asked that day. Well, what was the secrets behind these questions……

    Let me tell you the facts (according to the survey),

    In 2012-13, 226 million Indians are in the age group of 10 to 19, & these were the population going through the school and ready for the higher education.
    Our half of the population is below to the 25.

    We are the youngest country among China, US, Japan, Europe etc. The average age of Indian was 28, in 2013 and will be 29 in 2020.

    So we are the youngest country, we have the manpower. But the question is do we have the quality, do our graduates have the employ-ability?

    Here, I’m sharing my personal experience, during my 4 years of college I’ve attended almost 30 lab classes. That too with the purpose of writing practical files & to maintain attendance. I hardly learn about anything about any machine except some sort of simple casting thing & I can proudly say that, I was not responsible for that. so,where the hell is quality, how graduates will get the employ-ability? Trust me, this is not the situation of mine only, you can generalize this.

    Graduates vs Organization

    One survey says, 2012 was the peak of engineering era. The huge number of student taken the admission this year. Well, how many was qualified I still have doubt. Because it was 260(no. of student) in first year with me & that figure ends with 240 after final year. 20 students didn’t cleared the paper. The same paper which can be cleared & well cleared by doing one night study.

    Do our country have the rich number of organization so that the no. of graduates we produce in a year can be employed? This is the serious problem with our country, we are just producing no. of graduates. Our government is also trying to just literate the people what should be the literacy parameter they are simply not deciding. Quality of education, Employ-ability, Balancing factor, these all are myth for our government.


    Here comes IIT, NIT, IIMs, I’m not saying that Excellency only found in these institutions. But if you are going to generalize this than you will realize the reality. The question is how many of these institution do we have? What is the %age of graduates from these institution?


    A survey says, 64% of the C.E.Os. Has the complain about his employee. They are not satisfied with their work. They are complaining about their qualities. They are not getting that level of performance which they want.

    Technology Shifting

    Advancement of new technology is the main reason of technology shifting. Some research says that we still learning those things which is outdated. In upcoming years due to technology shifting the IT techies are also going to lose their jobs.


    Yes, we do have the lots of graduates. But the question remains,

    Are they Well-educated or Well formed?

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