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Degrees Offered

  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication

Journalism and the media sector are in constant flux. The digital world is changing the face of how the industry operates, offering exciting challenges to the next generation of media professionals. Our course is designed to develop multi-skilled, entrepreneurial graduates, armed with the confidence to thrive in the journalism and media industries. This degree enables you to combine the acquisition of practical skills with a thorough academic grounding in some of the most exciting ideas, theories and knowledge about the media today. You will study both traditional print-based journalism and digital-new media, giving you the chance to think broadly about future career plans. For those of you who are interested in the rapidly changing field of journalism, who want to write, and also to understand how journalism and other forms of media communication work, this degree is ideal. This distinctive programme marries a range of practical journalistic skills with a comprehensive and critical theoretical framework informed by current debates about the social, cultural and political implications of communication

There is an pathway to obtain Madurai Kamaraj University (Indian degree) via KCC and other foreign universities

  • Journalism - Pearson Education, UK - BTEC Diploma
  • Creative Media - Pearson Education - BTEC Diploma
  • Mass Communication with Journalism - Madurai Kamaraj University, KCC


This course prepares you for employment with Media industry. Large MNC's such as Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dell, Shell and other Fortune 500 companies, large corporation are always looking for content developer, advertising personnel, company spokesperson, brand promoters and event managers. News companies like CNN, BBC, ABC News, NDTV are always looking for quality content writer and presenters. Media is not just about writing and presenting news, the sector is deep like an ocean and can create opportunities in Hollywood, Bollywood, Corporate Advertisements, Documentary channels, New Channels, Engineering Channels. If you are interested in adventure, food, naturist, traveller, political follower, meeting people then this course will fit in very well for you.

RMIT World Rankings #92 in the world for Engineering & Technology, #71 in the world for Employability. *source: QS ranking website

This course is designed to learn practically and stimulated with real time projects. Upon completing 240 credits in India or 2 years, they have the option to choose their specialisation with above university campuses abroad. This course is designed in the UK by Pearson Education. This qualification includes contextual studies, research techniques, and practical skills for radio production, moving image production, journalism, computer game animation and computer game design. Students have following choice of career pathways Journalism, Moving Image, Computer Game Animation and Computer Game Design.

Students admitted to the program will learn the standard units of creative media program for the first two years before they choose the specialisations to study abroad in RMIT University - Australia and University of Hertfordshire - UK


RMIT: RMIT and Hertfordshire graduates have gone to work with creative media companies such as BBC, FOX NEWS, CNN, Hollywood production house and much more.


Student applying for this program should have the passion for Photography, Reporting, Cinema and sound knowledge of written communication. Admission to this program is purely based on student performance in the admission interview. An ideal student must have completed higher secondary education (or) A level with merit profile and have completed 17 years of age at the time of enrollment.

Professional Accreditations