About CIC

Cornerstone International College is a Pearson partner offering recognised international qualifications in collaborations with world top ranking universities such as RMIT Australia, Hertfordshire UK, IT Sligo Ireland, Athlone IT Ireland and Emirates AU Dubai to study the final year abroad.

Pearson qualifications are recognised by Oxford University, Cambridge University, Nanyang Singapore, National University of Singapore, Harvard University plus additional 750 universities in more than 100 countries. Pearson, is the UK's largest awarding body and regulated by Ofqual (England), SQA Accreditation (Scotland), CCEA Accreditation (Northern Ireland) and Qualifications Wales (Wales). They offer academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked, with educational excellence rooted in names like Edexcel, BTEC, EDI and LCCI.

Established by John & Jasmine Christopher in the year 2010, both have thirty-five years of collective international work experience in assisting more than 88,000 individuals on placements, career counselling, student recruitment, migration, prior establishing this institution. In the year 2014 Cornerstone received the 'Best BTEC centre in Asia award’ for quality assurance and 'the Platinum status for meeting all standards'. Since 2015, the school is retaining both the status consecutively for three years meeting all standards set by Pearson and its regulatory body.

Core Values

We do what is right even when no one is watching. This core value comes first for a reason. Without integrity, we will not have the impact that we desire. We take this very seriously. We will extend grace when it comes to mistakes and errors, giving people a chance to grow and improve in their jobs. We are not as tolerant of violations in this area. We need to know we can trust our coworkers without question.

We are constantly redefining our goals, expectations, boundaries, and potential. Our team’s talents and performance vary from person to person. That is normal. We only believe that regardless of your ability or performance today, you should want to be better tomorrow. We want teammates that are always striving to learn and grow, improving every day!

We endeavour to create an atmosphere that inspires and enables people to reach their full potential. As a company, we want to meet our employees where they are as they strive for excellence. Our goal is to provide the resources and inspiration required to “advance” them forward on their path. Sometimes this means they advance within our company and sometimes it means they move on to other opportunities. Either way, we want to help!

We provide the opportunity for all to know God and make Him known. No one who works in our company is required to believe what we believe. However, we make it clear early that God owns this company. Therefore, all that we do centres around Him. We will not force anyone to believe, but they will certainly have opportunities to hear.

We use our talents and treasures to make a difference in those who need it most. We believe we are part of the community in which we work and therefore have the responsibility to give back to that community. Whether through benevolence or sponsorships, community service or fundraising, we are going to take the time and energy to give to those who need it.