Campus Life

Cornerstone is a trendy and truly international college for boys and girls, offering training in a corporate environment preparing students to be job-ready when they graduate. We are an open-minded institution allowing you to be skilled, confident, motivated, fashionable and courageous.

We insist that you learn skills for the career, at the same time giving you the freedom to enjoy your college life. We understand that best times of your life is the time spent in school & college, so we want to ensure that take back good memories from Cornerstone that will last forever.

We promise that "You will be treated as mature students and not as school kids." Treating you as 'grown-up' will help you adopt the corporate culture.

At Cornerstone, you will always be emphasised to:

  • Be trendy and fashionable to keep up with the trends
  • Be courageous to get more influence
  • Be confident, people will like you more
  • Be skilled, employers will start following you
  • Be motivated, you will be successful in your career
12 Things you won’t miss in your life studying at Cornerstone.
  • Teach someone something - Visit nearby school and teach for a day
  • THire a bike for a week and see how it works out for you
  • THave an incredibly elaborate picnic on a green space one lunch time
  • TGet involved in a play or some kind of performance (e.g. fashion show, etc.)
  • TSleep out under the stars with friends
  • TBe part of the charity
  • TStay back for late movie night at your campus
  • TJump along with friends on DJ nights
  • THand-in your assignment early
  • TTry pedaling bicycle on the seashore
  • TListen to lecture in a open space outside your class
  • TBe part of the sport’s club.
What you can do in Chennai?

Chennai city is an vibrant city that offer lots of fun and activity if you are an outdoor person. There several malls and international brands, restaurants, IMAX theater, sports clubs and indoor games centre.

Aerosport Association, is just 30 minutes drive from Cornerstone International College, if you are interested in spending your weekends cruising 1000 feets above the coastline of Bay of Bengal then you can take joy rides on Paragliding.

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Blue Water Sport Fishing, a expedition that thrills with fantastic location of the cost of Chennai, a range of exciting species of fish, state of art equipment and expert team will guarantee you unforgettable experience.

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Polaris - Off Road Motorsport is just 40 minutes drive from Cornerstone International College, you can take a ride on high speed ATV’s. ECR offers some of best terrains and sand dunes in the region.

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